Meet Ingrid Nevar!

Ingrid, a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016, serves as a Body (and Light) worker, Biofield Researcher, and as a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter. She employs several modalities that help bring folks back into their natural state of coherence and optimal functioning; in addition to Usui Reiki and Massage, (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stone, and Rotisserie), she also offers Biofield Tuning, (BT), in this endeavor. In BT, she uses weighted and unweighted tuning forks to detect and address energetic imbalances in the bio/auric field, retrieving fragmented parts of the self, reintegrating them through the chakras, bringing presence and equilibrium back into the body and field. 

In bodywork, she sometimes uses the weighted forks to enhance massages, using them to address trigger points, back, hip, or knee issues, or to establish a deeper sense of relaxation at the beginning of a massage. She also offers a combo package consisting of a tuning and then a 75 minute Swedish Massage that helps speed-up the integration in the body. Her rates are as follows . . . 

Massage and Bodywork Rates:

First-time client special ~ $50.00 Swedish massage

Swedish & Deep Tissue rates begin at $70 Swedish  /  $75 Deep Tissue for a one-hour session. 

Please inquire regarding pricing for 75 minutes / 90 minutes / 120 minutes!

Biofield Tuning: 

$75 for In-Person  /  $125 for Tuning Session plus 75-minute Swedish massage ($30 savings)

$90 for Distance Session

Reiki Sessions:

$50 for In-Person  

$60 for Distance Session

Additional Services:

Add $10 to all fees for additional combined Reiki or Cupping

Add $20 for Hot Stone

Call Florence Healing Arts to book your session ~ 413*548*0012 

We hope to see you soon!!

Florence Healing Arts
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Energy Healing Services

Receive distance energy and spiritual healing every week for an affordable monthly flat rate! Add your pets or family members living in your home for a small additional fee. 

As an Angel Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Empath, I am an extremely sensitive being, which causes me to be affected by planetary shifts, moon phases, and the harsh energies stemming from other people, as well as world events. I utilize my own services to heal myself on a regular basis, therefore, my Guides have directed me to offer a program that can greatly accelerate the healing process for those who are open to receiving. Animals are naturally open to energy healing, as are most people.

I offer weekly Energy Healing sessions and continued energy healing adjustments for those who join the monthly program.

These sessions of healing energies have proven to be life transforming for many people, including myself. Although one session can often provide dramatic results, multiple sessions deepen the energy work by addressing deep-seated core issues. Receiving regular energy healing sessions each month allows the energies to go deeper . . . . clearing out, healing and enlivening your vital energy centers, as well as anchoring any changes. When we hold onto certain energetic patterns that may have become toxic over the years, it generally takes time to release those patterns and clear them from our energy field.

Learn more and enroll by logging onto:

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Raven is a professional Energy & Spiritual Healer, Angel Intuitive, Holistic Consultant, Reiki Practitioner (Animals & People) & Spirit Guide Coach® working closely with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides & Animal Spirit realms on her mission to help others heal on every level ~ spiritually, physically, and emotionally. She assists people and animals in correcting energetic imbalances in their aura or energy field that assists the body with releasing its innate healing ability. Raven also offers pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, flower essences, and oil-infused supplements to enhance her energy healing and spiritual guidance.

Meet Kate Hennessey!

Kate is a 2016  graduate of The Massage School in Easthampton, MA. She helps those who experience chronic or acute pain in the body caused by everyday stress or injury. Her intuitive, balanced approach incorporates long, gliding strokes working deep within the muscle tissue while listening to messages and cues from the body. Kate believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself through self-care such as eating whole foods, exercising, and receiving regular massage. 

Session Fees:

One hour ~ $65
Ninety minutes ~ $95

Contact Kate to Schedule Your Session:

via phone: 413-588-7156

Or, call Florence Healing Arts at 413*548*0012 

We hope to see you soon!!

Florence Healing Arts
45 Main Street ~ Rte 9
Florence Center (behind Cumberland Farms)
Florence, MA 01062

Meet Auriel Morgana

Auriel Morgana is a sound healer and transformational bodywork practitioner.

Through sound and bodywork, Auriel will guide you through your inner and outer scapes, assisting you to release what is not in your highest good. Together, she will help you create space so that you can transform into that which is YOU at highest potential and joy. You will benefit on every level of your being ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Auriel is committed to your wellbeing. 

Koshi chimes, crystal bowls, alchemy tuning forks, and voice are a few of the things that assist the transformation during your session.

Session Fees:

One hour ~ $80
Ninety minutes ~ $110

Special offering for new clients ...

One hour ~ $60
Ninety minutes ~  $90

Refer a friend and receive your session for $45!

Contact Auriel:

via phone: (508)864-9033

Or, call Florence Healing Arts at 413*548*0012 

We hope to see you soon!!

Florence Healing Arts
45 Main Street ~ Rte 9
Florence Center (behind Cumberland Farms)
Florence, MA 01062

Reiki For Animals by Energy & Spiritual Healing

Animals can suffer from physical and emotional issues, just like humans do, especially if an animal has had a difficult or traumatic experience, or came from not-so-ideal circumstances. Wild animals differ due to the fact that some stress is necessary to enable the animal to learn how to survive, defend itself, find a mate, or seek food. With domesticated pets or captive animals, stress may occur due to a restricted or unnatural lifestyle, boredom, overcrowding, emotional changes, lack of exercise or mental stimulation, improper diet, overbreeding, grief, abuse, or fear of humans. Any of these things can produce a very unhappy and unhealthy animal. Your companion animal(s) may have suffered from some of these conditions before they came into your life, so regular energy healing sessions for them (and you!) can help them release the negative attachments, as well as strengthen the immune system. Energy Healing not only targets specific issues ~ it also addresses the overall well-being of the animal. The benefits are truly endless!!

Most animals respond very favorably to healing energy work. Dogs, cats, birds, horses and other large animals, pocket pets, exotics and more have experienced great relief from a variety of symptoms. The undeniable difference between people and animals receiving Energy Healing is this ~ animals are quite open and receptive to allowing the energies in. They naturally understand and respond to the flow of energy, therefore, they tend to heal more quickly than people since they are not prone to mental blocks or defense mechanisms that can block the flow of healing energy. This response from animals is proof that Energy Healing works.

To help you support your animal's healing and wellness, I offer private distant Reiki treatments for animals and their people. Distant treatments offer the same benefits as in-person treatments, in fact, most times they may be even preferable, depending on the animal's temperament and condition. During your scheduled treatment time, I will connect with the animal (or person), create meditatively a safe, peaceful healing space, and then invite your animal into the space at the animal's own comfort level, for whatever he or she is open to receive and for the highest good. I always respect the animal, letting him or her take the lead in his or her own healing process.

Log on here to learn more . . . .

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Raven is an engaging entrepreneur who encourages others to celebrate pets (and ALL animals) as part of the family, as well as keep them happy, healthy, and spoiled with her Holistic Healing, Animal Intuition, Aromatherapy, Animal Reiki ( &, as well as her premium pet food business (  
For more information, please visit her Facebook page to PM her (, or email her at  

Meet Hilary Lake!

Hi! I’m Hilary a new practitioner at Florence Healing Arts wanting to introduce myself and the work that I am offering. I am an Expressive Arts Minister and offer a practice I call InBody Spiritual Guidance and Somatic Bodywork that offers a depthful experience of getting to know one’s own body through all the layers of the physical systems as well as the energetic and spiritual layers that can be accessed through one’s own embodiment. I do this work by offering guidance with meditation, touch, movement, sounding and talk therapy. I support individuals to ground their spiritual experience in their bodies as they clear old belief patterns and create new ones in the reclaimed space that they are creating within to embody the change they want to be.
How I came to this work is a long story and to give you a snippet: I have always been a dancer, singer and have studied and practiced Buddhism since my mid-teens. I also love church and ceremony and wanted to be a Unitarian Universalist minister from a young age. So when I went to Harvard Divinity School just after having worked in social services in Western Michigan I was attempting to bring these gifts together and save the world somehow. I found myself in a deep existential crisis having lived in Thailand for a year in my early 20s studying Buddhism and sustainable development with indigenous people and meditating in caves. The inner conflict between the privilege I was experiencing at Harvard and the ideal I had about how I wanted to live my life in alignment with my values broke my sense of self. I switched to Buddhist ministry which gave me tools to create safe space for transformation for myself and for others, and I created a group practice I call Moving in Grace through which I learned how to be a healer minister.
Over the last several years I lived at Earthdance, a dance and artists residency retreat center, studied the Infinity Practice by Gabrielli LaChiara and Somatic Bodywork with Christine Cole (both are local), traveled to India and Nepal to study Tibetan Buddhism and owned and ran another local retreat center. I have been learning from this local environment and community as I integrate these understandings and frameworks together to create my own. I am now supporting others to find their own way to their personal truth, empowerment and deep knowing through cultivating their relationship to the Earth and the Infinite through their very own body. 

To learn more you can check out my website at 

and/or give me a call at 248-410-0798 for a 20-minute free consultation.  

Or, call Florence Healing Arts at 413*548*0012 

We hope to see you soon!!

Florence Healing Arts
45 Main Street ~ Rte 9
Florence Center (behind Cumberland Farms)

Florence, MA 01062

Keeping Our Chakras Healthy

Chakras are literally the body’s etheric energy centers that bring through and interpret the creative energy of the higher realms, and we unknowingly use the energy that comes through them to create and / or sustain our reality and keep our bodies physically healthy.
Keeping our chakras healthy is as important as keeping our physical bodies healthy, and as our collective vibration continues to rise, more people will become aware of the chakras, and the necessity to treat them respectfully and maintain a strong, clear connection to the energy they bring through.
We cannot treat something correctly, however, if we do not know it exists.  And, most of humanity still has a lot to learn about the spiritual nature of our existence, including our chakras. Here I will discuss each chakra and give a few accompanying paragraphs about what we can do to keep it healthy and flowing.
I’m sure most of you know about the seven basic chakras. However, it is believed that we have even more chakras beyond the basic seven that will activate as we continue to raise our vibration. So, let's begin with the root chakra.

#1: The Root Chakra
For those of you who do not know, the root chakra is responsible for our basic creative and survival-based instincts. We rely more on our sacral chakra and our third eye/crown chakras for creativity, but the root chakra plays a role in doing anything creative and especially anything that is meant to help us survive.
Our instincts are stored in the root chakra, and we can call on it for assistance with any aspect of our lives that has to do with survival.
To keep the root chakra healthy, we need to listen to our intuition. Even though we receive intuitive impressions primarily from the third eye and crown chakras, if we listen to our intuition, we will be led to make choices that help us survive and keep ourselves sustained in the best and healthiest ways possible.
The more we listen to our intuition, the stronger and healthier the root chakra will be, and after so long of following our inner intuitive guidance, we will find that our root is as strong and healthy as it is meant to be.
We have to be willing to hear out our intuition instead of endlessly following the wants and desires of the ego, which usually run against the wisdom and guidance our intuition gives. With practice, patience and determination, our root chakra will be strong, healthy and brimming with energy that will enhance our sustainability.

#2: The Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra is our main center for creativity, sexuality, and emotion, and there are plenty of things we can do to keep it healthy. There are also plenty of things we can do to keep it out of balance, and if we aren’t careful, we can damage it by way of our actions and our refusal to, again, listen to our intuition.
We will find that listening to the intuition is very important when it comes to keeping every chakra healthy, and this can especially be said for the sacral chakra. It is one of the more acutely sensitive chakras, so to keep it healthy and brimming, we will want to make choices that do not bring it out of balance.
We do not want to overstimulate ourselves in any area . . . .  creatively, emotionally, mentally, sexually, etc. We want to keep an even amount of energy flowing through this chakra at all times, and we do not want to deplete or overflow it and cause it to fall out of balance.
Balance is the most important thing to practice when it comes to keeping the sacral chakra healthy.  You will be very happy that you made an effort to keep your sacral chakra healthy when you see how much it enhances your creativity and the enthusiasm with which you embrace life and every situation you face.
Above all, keeping our thoughts, actions , nd emotions in alignment will keep our sacral chakra in alignment.  We will also want to routinely do something creative that gets the sacral chakra’s juices flowing if we want to keep it strong and healthy.

#3: The Navel (or Solar Plexus) Chakra
As its name suggests, this chakra is located behind our belly button.  To keep it healthy, we want to make sure we do not overstimulate it by eating unhealthy foods. We also want to scrupulously monitor our eating habits and what we choose to put into our bodies.
Overeating will overstimulate the navel chakra and deplete its ability to bring through any real or pure energy, but eating the right amount of healthy and supportive foods will empower it to bring through a healthy and flowing amount of energy for us to use for a wealth of different purposes.
Even though it has specific uses, the navel chakra lends its energies to assisting the rest of our chakras with their primary functions.
For example, the navel chakra could send energy to the sacral chakra in an attempt to assist this chakra with any given creative pursuit we take up. It could also send its energy to the throat or third eye chakras to help them with any specific tasks they are involved in, and generally, it acts as a balancer for the rest of the chakras.
However, the navel chakra cannot balance anything if it is out of alignment itself, so we will want to take care of it and remember to think about it the next time we sit down for a big and tasty, yet unhealthy meal.

#4: The Heart Chakra
It is pretty clear what this chakra does for us. Like a lot of seekers have learned, it holds some of the purest love we can store within our physical and etheric bodies, and we can call on it for assistance when we are having trouble finding the loving energy that helps us thrive . . . . creatively, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
It goes without saying that love is everything. It literally makes up everything in existence, and this is why we want to have a healthy dose of it swimming through the heart chakra.
To take care of this chakra, we want to willingly and routinely express the inner love that is helping us evolve, which, of course, comes directly through it. The rest of the chakras bring this energy through as well, however, the heart chakra brings the love through in a much purer and more potent way than the rest of the chakras.
We want to keep our heart chakra in use as much and as often as we can if we want to continuously feel its energies. If we ever feel depleted of the love we have come to share with the rest of humanity, we can call on our heart chakra (and the rest of our chakras) to express it through us more purely.
Chakras need to be used regularly in order to stay healthy, and this can especially be said for the heart. Of course, we bring energy through it whether or not we realize it, but the energy flows much stronger and purer when we make a conscious, concerted effort to bring it through.

#5: The Throat Chakra
The throat chakra (along with the sacral) is partially responsible for our creativity, and it feeds our self-expression. We physically express ourselves by speaking through our throats, but there is a deeper spiritual component to our expression that most people do not realize.
The throat chakra’s primarily responsible for our ability and willingness to express ourselves, and it can be used to achieve truly amazing things. In order to keep it healthy, we want to keep our physical throat as healthy as we can.
We do not want to damage or mistreat our physical throat, because it could damage our throat chakra or, at the very least, make it difficult for this chakra to help us express ourselves.
Obviously, we want to take care of our bodies in general if we want any of our chakras to be healthy.  However, keeping our physical throat healthy is essential to making sure the creative and expressive energies flow through as healthily as they can.

#6: The Third Eye Chakra
This is arguably the most popular chakra with the consciousness community, and for some seekers, it is the only chakra they really know anything about.
Along with the crown, the third eye helps us perceive spirit and the vibrations we can share with everyone around us in a much more real and direct way.  And, with meditation and other attunement methods, we can perceive a wealth of greater creative and spiritual energies and even find enlightenment.
It takes a lot to find enlightenment and there are various stages of it that we have to traverse before we find it in a real and pure sense.  That being said, we can utilize our third eye to assist us with achieving enlightenment.
In order to keep our third eye healthy, we need to focus our energy on it whenever we meditate or do anything that is intended to align us with Spirit. We also want to routinely practice bringing our creative and spiritual energy through it, otherwise it will go stale if it is not routinely used.
If we are motivated enough, we can bring through a wealth of greater spiritual energy that we direct through the third eye and use to help ourselves and the people around us find a higher vibration.  And, the more we practice bringing this universally pure energy through the third eye, the stronger it will become.
It also helps to use our meditations in an attempt to perceive the third eye.  Also, if we meditate long enough, we can actually physically and ethereally perceive it and travel through our third eye to what is called a ‘portal to the other side’.
Certain power structures have attempted to suppress knowledge of the third eye in an effort to keep humanity unaware of the sacred truths of our existence.  However, a growing number of seekers are becoming aware of it and using that awareness to strengthen their perceptions of it, keeping it strong and healthy as a result.
This brings us to our final chakra.

#7: The Crown Chakra
The crown chakra is the center for our purest and most direct spiritual development . . . . even purer than the third eye. The third eye plays a very important role in keeping our minds, bodies and spirits healthy, but the crown chakra helps us bring through a wealth of energy that is even purer than what we bring through the rest of our chakras.
The crown and heart chakras have a lot in common, as the energy that comes through both of these chakras is stronger and purer than the energy we receive through the rest of our chakras.
To keep our crown chakra healthy, we should practice daily attunement to a higher state of consciousness in whatever way works best for us.
We can practice spirit communication, which will help us sharpen our perception of our crown and every other chakra; we can practice meditation, dancing and every form of spiritual attunement under the sun; or we can simply enjoy an enlightening spiritual conversation with a fellow seeker.
If we do this, we will bring a wealth of creative and expressional energy through the crown chakra, which will travel down and express itself through the throat and heart.
We use all of our chakras to bring through energy or express ourselves, but certain activities and practices will strengthen certain chakras. Such is the case with the crown chakra, which thrives when we practice the spiritual attunement methods that help us find a higher vibration with a greater degree of ease.

In Conclusion
Hopefully, the information offered here will help those of you who have wondered what you can do to keep your chakras as strong, healthy and flowing as possible.
We want our chakras to be pure and healthy if we want to do anything significant or helpful here on earth.  And, if we are willing to do things that balance them out and enable them to receive the energy that helps us evolve more purely, we will have little difficulty doing anything that requires this energy.
As long as we keep all of our chakras aligned, everything will flow with grace and ease.  As a result, our willingness to contribute to our ongoing conscious revolution will strengthen exponentially.

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Via Holistic Pets & Peeps!, Raven offers Holistic Lifestyle Consultations, Aromatherapy, Energy & Spiritual Healing, Grief Recovery For Pet Loss, All-Natural Premium Pet Food / Pet Products & Nutritional Products for Pets & Peeps as well as Whole Food Plant-Based Nutritional Coaching and Holistic Therapies using essential oils and oil-infused supplements. Services are available for animals and people. ♥

Please Welcome Cher Lemire!

Please welcome Florence Healing Art's newest massage therapist, Cher Lemire . . . . Reiki Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Cher decided to enhance her exceptional Reiki energy healing skills by adding massage therapy to her portfolio. We invite you to treat yourself to an appointment or two or three with Cher and lessen the stress of the upcoming holiday season!

Reiki Energy Therapy Sessions with Cher:

~ 30 minutes for $30
~ 60 minutes for $55

Massage Therapy Sessions with Cher:

~ 30 minutes for $40
~ 60 minutes for $65

To book your appointment(s) or purchase Gift Certificates for the holidays, 

please call Florence Healing Arts at 413*548*0012. 

We hope to see you soon!!

Florence Healing Arts
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