Meet Hilary Lake!

Hi! I’m Hilary a new practitioner at Florence Healing Arts wanting to introduce myself and the work that I am offering. I am an Expressive Arts Minister and offer a practice I call InBody Spiritual Guidance and Somatic Bodywork that offers a depthful experience of getting to know one’s own body through all the layers of the physical systems as well as the energetic and spiritual layers that can be accessed through one’s own embodiment. I do this work by offering guidance with meditation, touch, movement, sounding and talk therapy. I support individuals to ground their spiritual experience in their bodies as they clear old belief patterns and create new ones in the reclaimed space that they are creating within to embody the change they want to be.
How I came to this work is a long story and to give you a snippet: I have always been a dancer, singer and have studied and practiced Buddhism since my mid-teens. I also love church and ceremony and wanted to be a Unitarian Universalist minister from a young age. So when I went to Harvard Divinity School just after having worked in social services in Western Michigan I was attempting to bring these gifts together and save the world somehow. I found myself in a deep existential crisis having lived in Thailand for a year in my early 20s studying Buddhism and sustainable development with indigenous people and meditating in caves. The inner conflict between the privilege I was experiencing at Harvard and the ideal I had about how I wanted to live my life in alignment with my values broke my sense of self. I switched to Buddhist ministry which gave me tools to create safe space for transformation for myself and for others, and I created a group practice I call Moving in Grace through which I learned how to be a healer minister.
Over the last several years I lived at Earthdance, a dance and artists residency retreat center, studied the Infinity Practice by Gabrielli LaChiara and Somatic Bodywork with Christine Cole (both are local), traveled to India and Nepal to study Tibetan Buddhism and owned and ran another local retreat center. I have been learning from this local environment and community as I integrate these understandings and frameworks together to create my own. I am now supporting others to find their own way to their personal truth, empowerment and deep knowing through cultivating their relationship to the Earth and the Infinite through their very own body. 

To learn more you can check out my website at 

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