Reiki For Animals by Energy & Spiritual Healing

Animals can suffer from physical and emotional issues, just like humans do, especially if an animal has had a difficult or traumatic experience, or came from not-so-ideal circumstances. Wild animals differ due to the fact that some stress is necessary to enable the animal to learn how to survive, defend itself, find a mate, or seek food. With domesticated pets or captive animals, stress may occur due to a restricted or unnatural lifestyle, boredom, overcrowding, emotional changes, lack of exercise or mental stimulation, improper diet, overbreeding, grief, abuse, or fear of humans. Any of these things can produce a very unhappy and unhealthy animal. Your companion animal(s) may have suffered from some of these conditions before they came into your life, so regular energy healing sessions for them (and you!) can help them release the negative attachments, as well as strengthen the immune system. Energy Healing not only targets specific issues ~ it also addresses the overall well-being of the animal. The benefits are truly endless!!

Most animals respond very favorably to healing energy work. Dogs, cats, birds, horses and other large animals, pocket pets, exotics and more have experienced great relief from a variety of symptoms. The undeniable difference between people and animals receiving Energy Healing is this ~ animals are quite open and receptive to allowing the energies in. They naturally understand and respond to the flow of energy, therefore, they tend to heal more quickly than people since they are not prone to mental blocks or defense mechanisms that can block the flow of healing energy. This response from animals is proof that Energy Healing works.

To help you support your animal's healing and wellness, I offer private distant Reiki treatments for animals and their people. Distant treatments offer the same benefits as in-person treatments, in fact, most times they may be even preferable, depending on the animal's temperament and condition. During your scheduled treatment time, I will connect with the animal (or person), create meditatively a safe, peaceful healing space, and then invite your animal into the space at the animal's own comfort level, for whatever he or she is open to receive and for the highest good. I always respect the animal, letting him or her take the lead in his or her own healing process.

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