Energy Healing Services

Receive distance energy and spiritual healing every week for an affordable monthly flat rate! Add your pets or family members living in your home for a small additional fee. 

As an Angel Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Empath, I am an extremely sensitive being, which causes me to be affected by planetary shifts, moon phases, and the harsh energies stemming from other people, as well as world events. I utilize my own services to heal myself on a regular basis, therefore, my Guides have directed me to offer a program that can greatly accelerate the healing process for those who are open to receiving. Animals are naturally open to energy healing, as are most people.

I offer weekly Energy Healing sessions and continued energy healing adjustments for those who join the monthly program.

These sessions of healing energies have proven to be life transforming for many people, including myself. Although one session can often provide dramatic results, multiple sessions deepen the energy work by addressing deep-seated core issues. Receiving regular energy healing sessions each month allows the energies to go deeper . . . . clearing out, healing and enlivening your vital energy centers, as well as anchoring any changes. When we hold onto certain energetic patterns that may have become toxic over the years, it generally takes time to release those patterns and clear them from our energy field.

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Raven is a professional Energy & Spiritual Healer, Angel Intuitive, Holistic Consultant, Reiki Practitioner (Animals & People) & Spirit Guide Coach® working closely with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides & Animal Spirit realms on her mission to help others heal on every level ~ spiritually, physically, and emotionally. She assists people and animals in correcting energetic imbalances in their aura or energy field that assists the body with releasing its innate healing ability. Raven also offers pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, flower essences, and oil-infused supplements to enhance her energy healing and spiritual guidance.